The G20 Protests & Riots: Staged and Choreographed

to Justify Ripping the Taxpayer Blind 

© 2010 Brad Kempo B.A. LL.B.

Barrister & Solicitor 


If you were stealing grotesque amounts of money – trillions – from hard working, struggling middle class families, the poor, children, the homeless and aboriginals, what would you do to conceal that fact?  Being clinically addicted to power and wealth and in geo-political bed with totalitarians and triads – leading to a security apparatus that as a matter of course hires thugs, punks and criminals – you’d arrange for out-of-control rioting.  Oh, and don’t forget to set as many police cars ablaze as possible.  That’ll convince a multi-decade deceived public into thinking the billion dollar expenditure was to some extent worth it.     


Knowing how Canada’s system of government operates so intimately and comprehensively, it wasn’t a stretch to conclude that over-the-top rioting witnessed on the streets of Toronto during the first full day of the G20 Summit was staged by the security apparatus.  Radical Canadians may smash windows, taunt riot police and turn over anything that’s not nailed down.  But set police cars on fire; and not one but several?  The fact there were so many means they were strategically maneuvered into position so they could easily be got at to create impressionable pictures that would turn opinion in favour of an expenditure that was condemned not only throughout Canada but also around the world. 


G20 protests in Toronto turn violent

The Canadian Press

June 26, 2010

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What started out as a peaceful march has now turned violent. […] Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair says he has never before seen such a level of destruction on the streets of the city. 






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